tipsters services

Tipster Service


All Tipster Services have their basis in allowing telephone access to a recorded tip which can be changed as frequently as required.

A basic service will simply play a tip, which had been previously recorded, to each caller. Tips can be re-recorded whilst the current recording is being listened to.

Advanced features
Account and/or PIN access control. This is used where the tipster wishes to provide access only to authorised callers such as members or in response to a promotion for any chosen period per customer. Each can have its own expiry date.

The account numbers and PINs can be updated by copying and pasting this information from a spreadsheet in which the tipster maintains their customer information.

Download and install our account management software (CC4Win) on a PC and add, edit and delete accounts at any time. This links directly to our database whilst in use and updates our systems for immediate use.

Multiple tip playing functionality
We can create a service in which any number of different tips can be played to callers. Each (Box) can have its own number or be accessed by calling a single number and entering the designated box number. Accounts can be set to allow certain, authorised, callers access to all boxes.

Account renewal
Account and PINs that that have limited life and are therefore associated with expiry dates can be renewed either manually or by an automated telephone service. Dates can be extended by stipulating additional periods usually following payment of a subscription.

Credit Card Payments
If you have your own merchant account we can automate the whole subscription process, including creation of new accounts and renewal of existing ones with random and unique numbers generated by our service. Callers can be presented with choices about subscription types, periods and costs.

Our downloadable credit card payment control can be used for all types of manual transactions when installed on an Internet connected computer.

Calls from the Republic of Ireland can be via that country’s number ranges into our systems located in the Republic. If you have similar services in the UK and the tips are the same then you only need record one tip and that would be synchronised with the equivalent service in the Republic.